Creative Dog and Cat Photography in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area

white dog running in a grassy field

That adorable head tilt.  The soft as silk flippy floppy ears.

The funny way they swirl their cute body before settling down for the night -  in the middle of your bed.

Those eyes! (Oh, trust us, we know…) 

The dancing, the playing, the purring, the snuggling, the devotion… the JOY. 

All of that, and more, is exactly what we capture in our pet photography. 

Here at Pawsh Photography, we do everything with passion, joy and creativity.  We’re as passionate about pets as we are about creative photography.  We are never sure who has more fun during our portrait sessions – us or your pets. 

From framed prints to beautiful albums to unique desk art, we create unique heirloom art designed specifically for you, our honored client.  

We would love to collaborate with you to capture what is unique about your pet and bring it to life.


We're different - on purpose

We get it. Quality pet photography is an investment in time, money and soul. You want the best return on all of those investments, with an awesome session and art pieces you'll be proud to hang on your walls. There are several pet photographers in the Twin Cities Minnesota area. We are one of the few (only?) who affirmatively support the LGBTQ+ community. We think we're one of the best. Here's why.    


We invest in you. 

We take our time to build a relationship with you, our honored client.  We want to know what your needs are, photographically speaking, so we can make exceed them. 

We have a mobile studio, which means we can meet you almost anywhere.  Your home, our studio, outdoors, or a combination.   



We invest in our community.

We believe in the power of community and connection. We heart fellow artists, especially those that live and work where we do. 

Pets are among the most vulnerable in our community. Every year we work together with local charities for a fundraising event, and we always donate a percentage of our profits back to our local community.  


We invest in your pets.  

We love pets, and we really love finding pets' unique personalities - those funny and adorable quirks that make them so darned lovable.  Those are the moments we capture in our images, and we have an uncanny ability to "speak" feline and canine. (Woof!)

We admit it - we love to play.  We take our time to get to know your pet so that we can play with them during the session.  Our sessions are typically 2 hours.  We're patient, we take breaks before they're needed, and we always let the pets lead the pace.  Life is too short to be stressed!